About Our Founder, Sonny Lopez

Sonny Lopez first played paintball in 1989, and has since become a veteran both on the field and in the boardrooms of the paintball industry. He embraced competitive play in 1994 at his local field, SC Village. At that time he was a member of Team Generic, the team that proudly proclaimed they were "too cheap for constant air." He continued on to a dream professional career. In 2001 he was a founding member of renowned Pro team San Diego Dynasty, and then played for the Naughty Dogs in 2003.

Sonny excelled at the business aspect of paintball as well. He began his business career at SC Village in 1994, where he was quickly scooped up by Bud Orr in 1995. He worked his way through college and then to the top ranks of Worr Game Products. Sonny later struck out on his own as a paintball industry consultant. His status as an industry expert has allowed him to successfully execute many major ideas in the paintball industry, including paintball events, realistic Opfor training for first responders, and sold-out paintball clinics. He created the LA Hitmen in 2005, and under his leadership the team has become a prevailing force on the field, as well as a powerful trendsetter off of it.

Sonny has been spotlighted in numerous industry publications. Special highlights include being named Splat Magazine's 2008 Crossover Player of the Year, and also being featured on the cover of Paintball 2xtremes in their "Photo Of The Year." He also worked on the television show Fear Factor as a paintball safety consultant.

Sonny hopes to use his prevalence in the paintball industry to inspire others to train hard and live healthy. He enjoys hiking, swimming, and fueling up on fresh juices and raw foods.